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Booking.com Gift Cards In response to surging demand for longer-term stays Booking.com is now allowing property partners to offer weekly and monthly rates.Under the new feature a weekly rate plan requires a minimum stay of seven nights  while the monthly rate plan requires a minimum stay of 28 nights.While any property type is eligible to feature the longer-stay rate plans the move is largely designed to bolster Booking.com's homes and apartments business which has accounted for a growing share of the brand's bookings mid-pandemic.

According to Booking.com vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific Angel Llull Mancas speaking during WebInTravel's virtual event Travel Zero.O: Back To The Future while the “connected trip” – the brand’s term for a personalized experience that comprises accommodations transportation experiences payments etc. - is still part of the long-term strategy it’s less of a priority right now.And if you want to buy Where to buy Booking.com Gift Cards, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Booking.com Introduces Extended Stay Rates(“Booking.com acts on a trend and introduces longer-stay rates,” Sep 22 2020 via Phocus Wire)
With the demand for short-term rentals continuing to grow (see above story) Booking.com has recently begun allowing properties of all types to offer extended stay (weekly and monthly) rates. Booking.com’s move follows Airbnb’s introduction of extended stay rates in April of this year.
Walmart Gift Cards Ray Dicamillo one of Walmart’s lawyers told the judge Monday that the funds have no evidence that directors were involved in the opioid issue and sales of the painkillers was a minuscule part of the chain’s business constituting about 5% of its revenue.“What’s missing is a direct link” to board members or senior executives in connection with the alleged wrongdoing Dicamillo said.The Walmart cases are Norfolk County Retirement System v. Walmart Inc. 2020-0482 and Police and Fire Retirement System of Detroit v. Walmart Inc. 2020-0478 Delaware Chancery Court (Wilmington)

There were also cultural similarities. Asda’s two leading executives Allan Leighton and Archie Norman were admirers of Walmart and had before the acquisition copied features such as deploying “greeters” to welcome shoppers. With a toehold in Germany Walmart was expected to use Asda as a springboard for a pan-European assault. It was welcomed with open arms by former UK prime minister Tony Blair’s government which was fond of talking about “rip-off Britain” and the need to reduce prices.

Walmart will remain a strategic partner according to Judith McKenna Buy Walmart Gift Cards head of the US company's international business. "Asda has been a powerhouse of innovation for the rest of the Walmart world and we look forward to continuing to learn from them in the future," she said.Its plans to merge Asda with Sainsbury's in a deal valued at $10 billion were derailed by regulators who said it would be bad for consumers and lead to higher prices.Charlie O'Shea senior credit officer at Moody's said the deal will allow Walmart to focus on international markets with more "long-term upside," such as India and China.