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I meanI do it, but that is just selfish and sort of Madden 21 coins dumb. I could say, ea made their bones on sports matches and helped kickstart video games into the mainstream by focusing on sports games. I wish they'd cut these stupid projects like anthem. Those world of Warcraft kids are dumb and have their parents' money - fuck em. They ought to pump these subscription services outside and use their cash to concentrate on their traditional center. So it's really not an issue of what you enjoy trumping sports, it's only a b... more
The franchise of sports video games is one of the most money-hungry companies in the modern economy. Many sports video game fans are tired of the current cycle the company follows: update the roster, slightly change the design and sell millions of dollars. EA Sports released Madden 21 at the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) season this fall, bringing a new version of the legendary football video game series. This year, EA Sports’ biggest selling point for Madden is the "yard" and typical Madden 21 Coins ... more