I started playing RS about per month from Smarthuiyuan's blog

Dont's -never ability, never ever do RuneScape gold. Dont do gds unless compelled to because of unopenable doors. (I find this completely absurd and slows down gds). Dont ever get anything unecessary for bosses, this comprise potions, surplus food(unless necessary), unesecessary runes(unless required ). Summoning familiars aren't worth it, only the rager is at warped floors. Dont gate anything dumb (farm spots, fishing spots, etc).I started playing RS about per month.

I am level 129, I began playing RS about a month before RS2 was officially published. I mean I was a normal kid, made good grades and ordinary sports, etc.. However, when you're than young there is just so much things you can do, and I had been among the very first people in my freaking county for DSL back (Still have it fuuuu.png), so what was wrong with getting my scape on? God know just how much crap about computers which game taught my 11 year-old self.

But I'm not here to squirt nostalgia all over your faces. In the previous year RS has published mounds of top level upgrades: turmoil (which I hate), disorderly weapons, godwars, nex, corp, all kinds of crap. The requirements do not bother me, there are several different things I don't have but if I had time to play with more, I acknowledge I'd definitely have them.

The thing in RuneScape which has changed the most, is the community. In the last 3 years because PKing was eliminated, the majority of the older players who were members of large clans have simply grown up. The new age of players are here, there's no going back, and adding the wilderness is not likely to change anything back. The PVP community I must state has become a nightmare that is competitive. PVP is now nothing but a commerce of insults about x followed by and explanation for x. It can be hard to locate good PVM teams that are not LS masses for me because I really don't play often enough to OSRS buy gold have a weapon that is busy, or to somehow have an extra 160M drifting around to buy chaos.

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By Smarthuiyuan
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