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If they are in a position to setup a live ops team that is dedicated to OSRS gold creating MTX related articles and delivering said content in a time, why can not they upscale their center content group to deliver the exact same level of articles whilst keeping it inside the ETAs they mention to us.

You know why: money. The simple fact of the matter is, major content updates take a shitload of effort and typically don't make a whole lot of cash. Comparatively, a little event with buyable money does not take much work and brings into a shitload of money.

Just take this current Traveling Artisan event. Let's say it took a team of 10 (devs+artwork +QA+PM) about a month to make it (I can not imagine it taking much more than this ). It costs about $40 in bonds to buy every one the cosmetics, and that's not including leveling up the artisan, IDK how that math works out but skimming the numbers it'd most likely be at least double that, so let us say $80. That means only ~1000 gamers need to pay for this event in order for it to be profitable, and that's not even including the whales who will purchase everything plus a dozen of each of the consumables, or even the many more who will put a few bonds to it but not go all-in.

For comparison, take Desperate Measures. It was formally announced about 3 weeks before release, so you know it was in development a long time before that. It attracted new resources, story development, etc.. Most likely this would have been several months of development having quite a huge team, but simply to show the point, let us say it costs precisely the same as the Artisan event to develop this quest. Unlike the previous case, it costs nothing for present members to participate this content. The only way that this makes money is if people come back to the sport and resubscribe to play this. At $11/month for membership, you would need over 5000 players to resub for this to be rewarding. That is 5x the participation needed compared to a small MTX event, and this also relies on bringing in new or bringing returning subs - something much harder to perform than getting existing users to devote a little extra.

In the conclusion of the day, Jagex is a company, and if they wish to keep the lights on, then they can not manage to dump buckets of money into material that does not bring in revenue. I'm not saying that this really is an excuse to not develop new content on buy RuneScape gold the contrary, they need to keep the userbase engaged or there will be no left to pay for anything - but it will explain why monetized content seems to be prioritized and sent more exactly than other articles. As it stands now, the MTX content is what funds the real content. As for me, I quite like the way they're leaning of earning some permanent improvement with each event, even though this first one was not a massive success.

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