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There is no reason these shouldn't"stick" for internet play since they do for offline. In play if you take off the Coach Adjustments it stays off. It doesn't do for 2K21 MT online. Remove and you need to pause it every match, thereby bothersome your competitor and consuming among those valuable pauses. If every match the Defensive Settings default option to 2K's defaultoption, why can't it default to what I shifted until I change it again, or until I"reset defaults"? On exactly what I set can't the other configurations, the camera remains?

It is unnecessary time wasted for both myself and my opponent. THE Quantity of GALAXY OPALS (THE REAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM). There were 91 last year. The player cards went from 1,861 to 1,945 so whereas the cards changed showed a 4% increase, the highest tiered card showed a increase. That is way unbalanced. This 281 opals represent 229 distinct players with opals (therefore 52 players needed multiple opals) and include cards which evo to opal although not those that DD to opal.

In addition to restricting the Opals and GOATs to cards that really deserve them in actual life, they also will need to revamp the tiering system to better space out the cards so there are not 281 crammed into precisely the same tier, with little to distinguish them other than a Sherlock Holmes level of research in their stats/badges. This tiering system allows the very same tiers to be dispersed over 100 positions rather than the 33 currently in operation (68-99) so there is that much variation to play to correctly evaluate cards.

I would also suggest not just attributes inform ratings, but also badges. So the badges could be weighted by their rank (Bronze, Gold, Silver, HOF) and added to the entire score of the attributes to determine final position and tier. Some level of investigation would nevertheless be asked to determine whether the 91 opal man with 10 HOF badges is equivalent to another 91 opal man with 10 HOF badges because one has Range Extender and another has Ice In Veins (hint -- the former is greater ). This segues into who should and shouldn't get an opal. Many would agree that 281 opals undermines the integrity of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT the origin history and is too much.

Eddy Curry, Alex Caruso, Tacko Fall, Jonathan Isaac, Nicolas Batum, Jaren Jackson Jr. etc aren't names your mom recognises. She probably knows that who Kobe, Shaq, MJ and LeBron are. And then guys like Jack Sikma, Walt Frazier, Dennis Johnson and Mel Daniels deserve opals.

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